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An Infinite Mind provides direct education, advocacy, and support services to people living with dissociative disorders.

Are you a therapist interested in EMDR training and certification? ICM offers excellent courses that include instruction for dissociative clients. They also offer an advanced certificate in dissociation studies for EMDR therapists. You can also earn a certificate in expressive arts therapy.

Dr. Marich is the author of Dissociation Made Simple, among many other great books on trauma and addiction.

Petals of a Rose is a short film directed by Dylan Crumpler and is based on his mother, Holly Crumpler, who lives with Dissociative Identity  Disorder.

Are you a person living with a dissociative disorder or plurality/multiplicity and enjoy creative arts? You can join others just like yourself in a variety of creative arts classes offered by Alix Amar.

Dr. Fletch has her own podcast being rebranded from Braving the Way to Trailblazing the Way, and offers a multitude of services for those living with dissociative disorders.

Exclusive Resources