Our mission is to show the world the reality of navigating dissociative identity disorder, provide hope to those living with multiplicity and their supporters, and to help educate clinicians in the mental health field so that people can receive a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

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A Couple of Multiples:  The Reality of Dissociative Identity Disorder Podcast

There’s never a dull moment for hosts, Drew and Garden System, who are a couple that have both been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. While they are navigating their healing journey, they continue to manage full time careers, raise four teenagers and a house full of pets. Not only do they aim to speak to people who have lived experience with DID and their supporters, but also therapists and anyone who wants to learn more. The podcast talks about Dissociative Identity Disorder in a way that someone who knows nothing about DID will be able to understand, and at the same time is designed to be a resource for therapists, while supporting and validating those with lived experience.


Drew is a system of too many parts to count. With the help of a baby names book, her system agreed on a badass name not too many women go by. Drew graduated from Utah Valley University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, and has been teaching children for the past 17 years. She looks forward to obtaining a masters in clinical mental health counseling in the near feature. Her dream is to guide people who have experienced trauma towards healing and living a functional and fulfilling life. Drew enjoys the happy, everyday chaos, of raising four teenagers and a house full of pets, and creating the best life a couple of multiples could have with her beautiful wife, Seidi Garden System.

Seidi GardenSystem

Garden System is a collective of about fifteen different parts. She graduated from Hodges University on December 24, 2023 with a Master of Science degree in clinical mental health counseling. She looks forward to a long-lasting career in mental health, helping and advocating for those living with multiplicity and dissociative disorders. She is happily married to Drew and raising their four teenager children together.

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    Dissociative Identity Disorder is a highly stigmatized mental health diagnosis that has been subject to many myths and misinformation over the years. These myths, along with highly-sensationalized media portrayals, have led to many who still believe this disorder is not real and simply created by therapists who impose themselves on highly suggestible clients. The goal of the podcast is to dispel these myths and educate the world at large the truth about Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the reality of what having this diagnosis really looks like. The brain had to find a unique way to cope in order to survive the trauma people with DID faced from a very young age. Also, this condition is not rare, although many reputable sources still cite it as such. People with DID are ordinary members in your community that you might encounter in your daily life. Drew and Garden System want to shed light on the challenging symptoms people with DID face and share how they have overcome those challenges and found the gifts of joy that all of their parts bring to each other.